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CP4.2 Failure - Ford Powerstroke 6.7L & Fuel Reroute Disaster Prevention Kit


The 6.7L Powerstroke uses a CP4.2 that has a high failure rate &, when it fails, sends metal debris through the high pressure fuel system. Prior to failing, there are no warning signs; it just happens. And it can happen at any time! When this happens, the ENTIRE high pressure fuel system needs to be replaced, costing upwards of $10,000!

The CP4.2 cannot be replaced with a more reliable CP3, so the only option is to reroute the fuel (and debris). This kit reroutes the fuel (and potential debris) back to the fuel tank so that all of the fuel entering AND leaving the CP4.2 goes through the fuel filters to catch any debris before heading off to the rest of the high pressure fuel system.

This kit is great insurance against a common disaster and can save you THOUSANDS!

Direct link to kit : CP4.2 Fuel Reroute Disaster Prevention Kit - Powerstroke 6.7L

Watch this video to see how it works!

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T4 & T6 Competition Manifolds for Cummins 12v & 24v 5.9L & 6.7L

Our Engineered Diesel T4 & T6 Competition Manifolds are now available for order online!Click on a link below for more info or to order.T4 - 12v 1989-1998T4 - 24v 5.9L & 6.7L 1999-PresentT6 - 12v 1989-1998T6 - 24v 5.9L & 6.7L 1999-PresentOur Competition manifolds are designed and machined in-house at Engineered Diesel!- 3 Piece Design [...]

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14mm Super Stock CP3 Now Available! 10mm & 12mm also Available!

Our Super Stock 14mm CP3 is now available! If 14mm is more than you need, check out our 10mm & 12mm SuperStock CP3s!

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Engineered Diesel on Performance TV talking CP3s & Injectors - EP 1616

Engineered Diesel on Performance TV talking CP3s & Injectors - EP 1616In this episode, we talk about our modified CP3 pumps, injectors, our injector install kit, and we install one of our Super Stock 14mm CP3s!Shop Engineered Diesel Duramax & Cummins CP3s here - Improved Stock, 10mm, 12mm, & 14mm Super Stock at Engineered [...]

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10mm Super Stock CP3

The Engineered Diesel 10mm Super Stock CP3 Choose your application:Cummins 10mm Super Stock CP3  ---OR---  Duramax 10mm Super Stock CP3 #engineereddiesel #cummins #duramax #10mmstroker #12mmstroker #14mmstroker #superstockpump #cp3 #10mm #12mm #14mm #superstock #diesel #dieseltruck #dieselpower #turbodiesel #racetruck #pullingtruck #bigtruck #morepower #modified #cp3pump

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12mm Super Stock CP3

The Engineered Diesel 12mm Super Stock CP3 Choose your application:Cummins 12mm Super Stock CP3  ---OR---  Duramax 12mm Super Stock CP3 #engineereddiesel #cummins #duramax #10mmstroker #12mmstroker #14mmstroker #superstockpump #cp3 #10mm #12mm #14mm #superstock #diesel #dieseltruck #dieselpower #turbodiesel #racetruck #pullingtruck #bigtruck #morepower #modified #cp3pump

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015

All orders placed after 4pm on Wednesday (11/25) will be processed on Monday (11/30)  • FREE Shipping on everything! -No Minimum Purchase -48 States Only -Standard Shipping • Stanadyne Performance Formula buy 5 Pints get 1 free!  • FREE E.D Winter Hat on any order over $100 -1 per customer  • 10% off Edge products Now-Dec 31• Order a [...]

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More Engineered Diesel Swag - New BOTTLE Koozies and Stickers!

We just got in a shipment of NEW bottle koozies, can coolers, and several styles of vinyl stickers! Check em out and add one to your order today! Click Image below to view product! Bottle Koozies Can Coolers Hashtag Vinyl Oval Vinyl 6"x3" Window Vinyl 12"x1" Windows Vinyl 20"x1.5"

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BEWARE of Aftermarket Feed Tubes!

With the high volume of injectors we sell we have run into a recurring problem. Customers who purchase New OEM Injectors but do not purchase New OEM feed tubes. Shortly after purchasing and replacing the injectors, we get calls about injector failures. The injectors and feed tubes are sent in to us for warranty inspection. The [...]

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Become a Dealer!

Become an Engineered Diesel dealer!Benefits:- Dealer Pricing on Injectors, CP3's, ED Turbos, and more!- A dealer login so you can order online 24/7 with your discount!- DROP SHIPPING is simple! Simply place your order online and enter your customer's shipping address!Who qualifies?- Pretty much any shop! Any shop who orders a MINIMUM of $5,000.00 from [...]

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