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NEW Video! Engineered Diesel Cummins injector facts!


Engineered Diesel's Cummins Common Rail Injector Facts - NEW OEM DIESEL INJECTORS!

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Here at engineered diesel, we get a lot of questions about our NEW Cummins injectors. So, we decided to answer a few of those questions in a video (we know how some of you like pictures!)

Q1) Are your Cummins Injectors Really new?!

A- Yes, ALL of our Cummins injectors are brand new OEM injectors! Even our modified injectors start life as a brand new OEM injector (we just extrude hone and/or edm the nozzles to increase flow and balance them across the set)!

Q2) Does Engineered Diesel sell remanufactured, refurbished, or rebuilt Cummins injectors?

A- NO. We do not sell reman, refurb, or rebuilt Cummins injectors. We ONLY carry new OEM injectors with current Bosch updates.

Q3) What is the life expectancy of a NEW Cummins injector?

A- NEW injectors are expected to last 100,000-150,000 miles.

Q4) What is the life expectancy of Reman injectors?

A- Reman, refurb, & rebuilt injectors are unknown. They do not outlast NEW injectors and rarely last as long.

Q5) Can you run +50-60hp over stock injectors in a stock engine, are they good for a stock engine, and do you need any other mods to run them?

A- YES you can. We actually recommend them! They are a great upgrade for stock engines! You do NOT need any additional mods to run them, they are usually very close to the price of stock-size injectors, you gain 50hp - 60hp, many customers report an increase on mpg's (depends on driving habits), and you are already setup to upgrade your turbo since our entry-level turbo upgrade requires 50-60hp injectors!

Q6) Do I need to replace my feed tubes when I replace my injectors?

A- YES! Install NEW feed tubes! Used old feed tubes have already been formed to your old injectors when they were installed and may not reseal correctly. Debris that has built up in your old feed tubes can dislodge and enter your NEW injectors,damaging them! Your 1yr/unlimited mile warranty does NOT cover injector failure caused by debris! Think of it as an insurance policy for your new injectors!

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