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SAC Nozzle vs VCO Nozzle


We often get the question of, "What is the difference between a SAC Nozzle and a VCO Nozzle?"

So, we came up with this simple visual to help answer that!

SAC = Area around pintel tip

♦ Needle (pintel) only needs to seal ONE opening. 

♦ Because the tip has more material, it is more robust and longer-lasting.

♦ We are also able to modify the tip for higher flow rates reliably because there is more material to safely take from

VCO = Valve Covered Orifice

♦ Needle must seal EVERY hole perfectly or leakage will occur. This means that, if ANY erosion has occurred, the needle will not seal properly.

♦ Because the tip has less material, it does not have the potential to last as long as the SAC nozzle.

♦ Because there is less material to take from, we cannot safely modify the tip for as high of flow rates as the SAC nozzles.

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